Lasai fichaIn November of 2005, MY JOK created the LASAI project to promote a selection of 12 contemporary artists or collective works: 5000 free LASAI catalogues were distributed from Bilbao to Paris, the LASAI tee-shirts was created and an artistic congress with the presence of the 12 artists for 2 days was organized.
Lady My was the designer of all the event.

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  1. cartierbraceletlove Steve – One aspect of her writing that the experts commented on, was the way her writing makes the reader speed up as the climax approaches. I know there are techniques that teach how to do this, but it takes skill to get it right. I’m still amazed how much she packed into books that, if they were published today, would be considered almost too short for the genre.
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  2. cartierbraceletlove Ok, maybe it’s Halloween coming on, but out of context that Sesame Street quote is creepy as fuck. My mind was announcing it in horror movie trailer voice.
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  3. cartierbraceletlove Good words most definently. You know even his bro songs I could at least tolerate due to his very good, rich country voice. They weren’t great but I could at least handle them. If he pulls a Tim McGraw I would definently accept him back
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